Everything you need to engage, inspire and retain customers in e-commerce. All in one, easy to use system. Check us out and start selling more!

What we do?

  • We deliver insights about your customers

    We carefully analyze their behavior to understand what they are interested in. We look at what they buy, when and how. But we also analyze how they respond to marketing messages – what are they more likely to click and when.

  • We personalize your campaigns

    We don’t just operate on segments, but take into account all of the information about each individual customer to create a multitude of marketing campaigns. As a result, we reach them at just the right time with just the right message.

  • We create unique customer experience

    Customer experience is one of the key decision making factors when shopping online.
    Our comprehensive solutions help you increse your sales. But that's not it. Thanks to us you also retain your customers and turn them into loyal brand ambassadors.

  • We increase your sales

    Our solutions help you covert visitors into buying customers. As a result, you get higher sales with the same amount of traffic at your website. We can increase it by up to 20%!

Find your way to the top with samito!

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Trigger marketing

Messages activated by user's actions or behaviours, send through a number of channels (pop-up, push, e-mail).

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Visual search

Help your customers quickly find what they are looking for, by simply uploading a photo to your search engine.

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Recommendation engine

Choose from collaborative filtering or image recognition based engines. Or get both for better results!

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E-mail marketing

We don't just send e-mails. We send valuable, interesting content at just the right time. Different each time and for every user.

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Dynamic layout change

Adjust the home page to the preferences of an individual customer.

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Dynamic AMP mailing

Go a step further than static mailing and present your clients with interactive creations.

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PUSH notifications

We create personalized mini-messages after events, adjusting the message and delivery time.

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Cart saving

Do you know, how many of your customers don't complete their transactions? We can help yuo save up to 20% of those opportunities.

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Campaign planning

No experience in marketing automation? No problem. Our experienced team of experts is here for you. We will help you set and optimize your campaigns.

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It really works

Transactions value generated by SAMITO in the last 3 months (in PLN).



Why us?

  • High ROI

    Our goal is to make every cent you spend with us count. In some cases, we generate 150 times more revenue, than customers’ investment in our solutions.

  • Customer loyalty

    Our solutions don’t just help you sell products. By improving customer experience we help you build a base of loyal customers and brand ambassadors. It’s one of the best investment you can make.

  • More free time

    Full automation, easy to use panel and support of our customer success team - it all means you spend much less time on marketign. What you do with it - it's entirely up to you!

Would you like to see our panel in action?

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