5 common mistakes that could destroy your e-commerce


Is your e-commerce store suffering from high bounce rates and low conversion – meaning those customers you paid a lot of money to obtain, leave without buying anything? If that’s the case – fear no more! We have a bulletproof plan for you.

Follow those 5 steps and you will quickly lower your bounce rate, increase customer engagement and satisfaction and boost your sales!

Do you personalize communication?

If you tailor your messages to the customers, you significantly improve the chances they won’t leave without a purchase. The right message displayed to the customers visiting your website for the first time can encourage them to buy or subscribe. Modern e-commerce marketing tools allow you to automate the whole process and benefit from systems operating on a big data to find the most effective approach.

Is your sales process as easy as it can be?

Make it short and simple for your customers to find what they are looking for. There is nothing more frustrating than having to click your way through the store or go through a lengthy filtering process to find what you want. What can you do to change that? One of the simple solutions can be a visual search – customers download a picture of a product they are looking for and the system takes them directly to the product feed in your store.

Do you interact with your customers?

Think about your experience from traditional retail – if you were wandering around the shop, looking a little bit lost, you would most certainly be approached by a sales assistant asking if they can help. Try to recreate this model online. There are many different ways you can engage inactive users in your e-commerce store. Pop-up notifications can be a great tool here, allowing you to display special offers, new arrivals or bestsellers, that can encourage people to buy your products. This way you gain your very own AI sales assistant.

Do you advise, inspire and recommend?

In our experience, one of the most effective tools, that can help you increase your conversion rates – turning inactive user into buying customers – is a recommendation engine. You can display it as a widget on the main page or on the product feed. It can be based on collaborative filtering technology – showing people items that others have also bought or looked at or image recognition technology – showcasing similar items. Best way to go, is to implement all types of recommendations for better effect.

Do you save abandoned carts?

Oops! You got so close to a sale and yet your customer has abandoned the cart? It happens more often than you think. The average abnadonment rate for online shopping carts is close to 70%. Yet, there is a great and easy way to save quite a lot of them (even up to 20%!). You can implement a system of pop-up notifications, triggered by the movement of the mouse (so called exit triggered pop-ups). Once it’s in place, when somebody is about to leave your site, they will receive a special offer, tailored just for them and of course – a personalized message.

Do you have an issue with a high bounce rate? Do you invest a lot of time and energy into generating traffic but don’t see the return on your investment? Would you like to boost your sales and conversion rates, but don’t know how?

Book a free consultation with one of our experts! Let’s figure it out together.

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