5 tips on how to create a successful marketing automation campaign


How to create, implement and optimize a successful, sales boosting marketing automation campaign? Check out those 5 pro tips prepared for by our wonderful Customer Success Team – Marta, Kasia and Mikołaj – who help our clients launch successful marketing automation campaigns on a daily basis.

1. Adopt a customer centric perspective

What do you think about, when planning a campaign? What sells well? What are your profit margins? What discounts you can offer? When to display the notifications? It is all very important.

But …

It’s even more important to put yourself in your customers shoes.

Imagine you got the same type of message form the online stores you shop in. Are you not overdoing it on the frequency? It the “special offer” really special? Are those really the new arrivals?

Remember, that it is much harder to encourage someone to buy then to visit your store. And if you discourage a customer once, you might struggle to ever entice him or her enough to check you store again.

Therefore, before you launch any campaign, first put yourself in your customers shoes.

2. Test, test and test again

Every industry, every store, every segment and every individual customer is different.

That’s why at first it is very hard to know which campaign parameters will work best for you. Of course, based on previous experiences or experts’ advice, you can make some assumptions.

However, the best results, and hence that extra boost in sales you are looking for, can only be achieved with the trial and error method.

Only then, when you adjust the campaign parameters to your individual needs and specific cases with watchmaking precision, will you tap on the full potential of the marketing automation campaign. A / B testing is your key to success!

3. Content design is king

A picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, a well-designed, aesthetically pleasing and interestingly looking mailing campaign or pop-up will be much more effective.

This does not mean that you need to sign a contract with graphic studio and hire a creative director. However, you need to make sure your designs are professionally looking, polished and visually consistent with your store.

  • Make sure you use an interesting font and be consistent with your choices.
  • Good typography also conveys a message, so make sure you use different font sizes to highlight the most important message. With smaller size, make sure its all visible.
  • Choose a picture that fits with your key message and your overall aesthetics.

Once it’s done, you can share it with the world.

4. Use personalization to its full extent

We all know it – all our customers have different needs and respond to different copy. That’s why personalization is so effective. But do you make the most of available personalization functionalities? These days, you can reach your customers not only with the right message (based on behavioral profile and previous actions) but also at the right time and through the right communication channel.

Personalization system also collects and analyzes data about your customers. Use this to get some insights. And then use those insights to further improve your marketing efforts and boost your sales, while creating a unique customer experience. This way, you can also improve your online ratings and grow even more.

5. Invest in AI

Experts agree – artificial intelligence is the future of the e-commerce industry and one of the hottest trends of this year. Use AI based solutions to fully automate your processes and tap on the full potential of all the big data analyzed and collected. With the well designed, thought out and implemented system, your marketing automation campaigns will deliver amazing results, adapting and modifying campaign parameters in real time, 24/7 to exceed your customers’ expectations.