5 Types Of Female Shoppers – 5 Different E-Commerce Marketing Strategies


Are women your key customers? Do you ever wonder if you should tailor your marketing strategies to their needs? If so, what are those needs?

Some time ago, research-analytics company IQS, in cooperation with Ringier Axel Springer, conducted a study on Polish female shoppers. The report distinguished 5 different segments of contemporary women, together with their demographic characteristics and examples of marketing applications for each of the segments singled out – Home Queens, Reality Sort-outers, Fate Boxers, Gallant Gals and E-princesses. Check out which group matches your customer base and what marketing strategies will work best for them!


A group that spends most time online. Comprising mostly of young professionals, who are also the biggest spenders when it comes to online shopping. E-princesses value freedom, but profess the traditional vision of femininity – delicate, sensitive, sensual. They are the youngest of the five segments in the study.

E-princesses are social media heavy users. They appreciate the possibility of shopping directly from their favorite platform, e.g. Instagram. Shortening the path from inspiration to instant shopping gratification. They want to buy brand products that match their image.

High quality customer service is very important to e-princesses – if they are not satisfied with it, they will quickly find an alternative place to shop. So if you don’t deliver, don’t count on their loyalty.

When designing the marketing communication strategy for e-princesses, remember about their attachment to the traditional vision of femininity. Make sure your images and copy reflects that. Also noteworthy, is that this segment likes new products and willingly tests new solutions. So it will appreciate early information about the latest collection or a special discount on new products.

Home Queens

First and foremost they see themselves as homemakers. Work is only an addition and is only possible if it does not endanger family happiness. Home queens take care not only of their needs, but also of other household members. This means they will order things not only for themselves, but also for their partners, children and beloved household.

Home queens appreciate speed and convenience of online shopping, which can be perfectly aligned with their busy schedules. Targeting this segment, emphasize the convenience of online shopping and the ease of returns (which can happen when you buy for the whole family).

Reality Sort-outers

Even busier than home queens, they put family life on a par with professional life and want to make the most of the two worlds. As a result – they are in a constant rush and very often lack some quality me-time. How can you encourage them to spend it shopping online? By making it quick, easy and effortless.

Long search process? Overcomplicated cart page? The reality sort-outers will be out before you know it. Maximum personalization of the offer is the key to success here.

Reality sort-outers control their spending and search online for information on best offers, best service providers and best quality. They look for other users’ opinions and quality rankings, so include such information in you marketing messages. This group also like a good offer and some special discount.

Fate Boxers

An older segment of women with traditional, conservative views. They feel overworked, underappreciated and tired of the excess of duties. Shopping online can be stressful for them, as they are as far from digital natives as it gets. In marketing communication emphasize security of the process. Let them know about sales and discounts. Make sure they know they can return the items.

Children and grandchildren are often the apple of their eyes. So when promoting your products, show them how your products can help celebrate special occasions or make the offspring happy.

Gallant Gals

Gallant Gals invest in themselves, their passions and interests. They care about their professional position and the position in the family. What sets them apart from other segments are their views. Gallant gals are liberal, they want to influence reality and are the only ones who believe that many of the feminist demands have not yet been met.

In marketing communication to this segment, it is worth paying attention to issues related to the ethical operation/origin of products, sustainable production and eco packaging or delivery.

When creating a marketing campaign, make sure there is not a hint of sexism there – even if you think your copy is just a joke and should be taken in with a grain of salt. This will do more harm than good. Gallant gals are loyal to their trusted brands and often look for information on products or an inspiration to specialized blogs.