About us

SAMITO offers comprehensive customer experience solutions which increases sales in e-commerce. The system uses marketing automation, sales intelligence, image recognition technology and advanced analytics based on big data to engage, inspire and retain customers online. Our solutions are valued both by our customers and the industry experts.

We are constantly developing, looking for new solutions and functionalities. To do that we are an active member of key industry organizations, where we share our know-how, learn about the needs of our potential customers, and draw inspiration from cooperation with other market players.

The company was founded in 2014 by Piotr Płocharski and Rafał Gawłowski. Initialy as SaveCart, in July 2019 it went through a rebranidng and is currently known as SAMITO.



One of the key shareholders of SAMITO is mAccelerator, part of mBank, which invested in us in September 2018.