Samito functionalities

The Samito system is a variety of high-tech marketing automation tools and a specialist who will handle them entirely for you.

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Samito Expert

A dedicated Samito expert will set up and optimize all your e-commerce marketing automation for you. Samito expert is a specialist with years of experience in the e-commerce and marketing automation industry. Using the knowledge gained from years of working with the entire team the expert helps you build a marketing automation strategy, select the most effective actions and scenarios as well as plan and implement campaigns.

The Samito tool is a sophisticated technology, while every e-shop is different. Your expert will always make sure that the system is functioning correctly and that it meets the objectives defined by you. The expert is also at your disposal if you have a new idea or something happens on the side of your business that requires you to change your marketing automation activities or launch new marketing automation campaigns.

Your e-commerce expert becomes a team member selected for their experience with a particular e-commerce industry. But remember, when developing the best marketing automation strategies to implement, your expert uses the knowledge and practice of all team members and the sum of their experience!

Recommendation engine

Inspiring customers to buy more by showing them product recommendations is the best way to increase the value of the shopping cart. The recommendation engine suggests products based on the behavior of other users and the individual preferences of the shopper and shows offers from the category. It can also use image recognition technology.

The recommendation engine on the shop page is a widget that Samito’s developers adapt to the layout of your website. It can be implemented on the shopping cart page, category page, product page, or anywhere else on the e-store. The recommendation engine can also be used for email marketing.

Samito’s recommendation engine collects and analyses data on the user’s interaction with the website creating a behavioral profile for each visitor (so that anonymous users can also be reached!). Then it displays a real-time offer relevant to the visitor’s needs. Recommendations are based on a collaborative filtering method (technology used by Amazon, Spotify, or Netflix, among others).

Trigger marketing

Trigger marketing works on the basis of messages in the form of a pop-up, email, or web push activated by specific user behavior. For example – if someone enters the site for the first time they will be shown a predefined welcome message, or if someone has spent a certain amount of time on the site but has not added anything to the shopping cart they will receive a pop-up with a shopping incentive.

Narzędzie Samito pozwala na budowanie bardzo zaawansowanych scenariuszy działań, dzięki czemu komunikacja sprawia wrażenie spersonalizowanej, ale działa w pełni automatycznie. Dotarcie do swoich potencjalnych i obecnych klientów z właściwym komunikatem, we właściwym miejscu i czasie jest kluczem do osiągnięcia sukcesu w e-commerce.

While devising a strategy to send the right message in relation to a particular site event is not an easy thing to do remember that Samito’s experts will advise you on what types of messages work best and then implement the agreed event communication without your involvement.

Dynamic layout change

A shop’s homepage can look slightly different for each visitor. With a combination of banners and personalized widgets using data from the marketing automation system, Samito can show the user in real-time the information, products, and product categories that give them the best chance of making a purchase. For example – with a widget powered by a recommendation engine we can show the user news from the categories they visit most often.

All the work required to match the appearance of the dynamic elements to the shop’s website layout is carried out by Samito’s developers, so the involvement of the shop’s IT department in implementing this solution is relatively minor.

E-mail marketing

In email marketing activities we focus on efficiency and alignment with the brand communication of the e-commerce. The Samito expert supports the e-shop in sending newsletters and other e-mails with marketing communication. At Samito we create the visual layer (graphics) to relieve you of this time-consuming work. We also support you in building your email marketing strategy.

Samito’s tool also includes forms on the website and in the form of pop-ups that are used to collect an email database (e.g. by signing up for a newsletter). We also take care of all legal aspects and marketing consents.

Transactional and event-driven emails are also an important part of marketing automation, so they are used to rescue abandoned carts or loyalize customers. The Samito tool has many advanced possibilities when it comes to email marketing. Your Samito expert takes care of selecting the most effective solutions.

Interactive mailing

Newsletters sent to customers can actually be turned into micro-apps. This allows us to send interactive creations in which visuals can be viewed, cards can be flipped, and products can be added directly to the cart.

By using AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology in your mailings your Samito expert will deliver creations beyond the framework of a „typical” email. Increased interactivity, personalization, or shortening the customer journey will result in a significant improvement in the performance of your mailing.

Push notifications

Forget mass mailings and create personalized mini-messages to specific segments of Push message recipients. By tailoring the message to the customer the chance that they will take an interest and then enter your shop and make a transaction increases significantly.

A systems-based sign-up for Push subscriptions will give you at least 70% more subscribers than using only a sign-up via pop-up (which we also use where appropriate). Furthermore, if you choose to use a unique FCM key you will have the rare opportunity in the market to export your Push base subscribers – at Samito your data belongs to you and you can do whatever you want with it.

Subscribing and sending directly from the domain, opt-in rather than double opt-in, mass sendings in a short period of time, or different types of recommendations on sub-pages (depending on user behavior), and identifying users only by the source of entry are just a few ways in which the Samito expert will optimize your push notifications to achieve the best possible effectiveness!

Rescuing abandoned carts

Did you know that up to 75% of users who add a product to their cart do not complete the transaction they started? Thanks to the Samito tool and a systematic approach to rescuing abandoned carts you can convince up to 20% of users to complete the planned transaction! Reach the users visiting your e-shop with the right message in the right place and at the right time effectively encouraging them to buy.

Rescuing abandoned carts uses a whole set of interconnected solutions and functionalities. The scenario can include pop-ups displayed under certain circumstances (e.g. when recognizing the intention to close the browser window) to also reach anonymous website users. A banner with an incentive to complete the transaction further motivates the user. And a sequence of emails that arrive in the inbox of an unconvinced user at the right moment definitely increases the effectiveness of rescuing abandoned carts. All of this is supplemented by cleverly running campaigns to encourage users to sign up for the newsletter so that as many anonymous users as possible can be assigned an e-mail address.

Do you have hundreds or thousands of products in your shop that customers choose primarily with their eyes? Help them find what they are looking for quickly. In the custom package, you can use the option to search using images. The technology can work in several ways and will be tailored to your shop. For example – the similar products widget can show a range of products from your shop which is visually similar to the one the user has just viewed.

Visual search works well wherever the visual aspect of the product is just as important to the customer as its functional aspects. Fashion, home furnishings, or gadgets of all kinds – with Visual Search you can significantly increase the conversion rate in shops selling such products.

Analytics and Reporting

Regular meetings with a Samito expert give you the opportunity to discuss your results and plans and make business decisions based on them. Free in every bundle integration with Google Analytics, statistics, and A/B tests of effectiveness in GA will allow you to objectively assess the situation at any time.

Samito’s expert is responsible for creating a strategy based on both data and his experience gained through years of working with e-commerce clients. This way you can be sure that behind your marketing automation is an expert who knows the latest trends and strategies to increase the efficiency of your e-store.

Perhaps you need a full analysis of your e-commerce activities. Just tell your Samito expert and we will provide you with a comprehensive offer to have your business audited by a data analyst.